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For those interested in historical cases of malpractice and medical scandal, here is the archived report of Jean Ritchie, QC, after his investigation into the gynaecologist Rodney Ledward. Mr Ledward was a surgeon whose clinical practice was known to be dangerous, he often operated unnecessarily on women, ignored complaints, belittled and ridiculed patients, conducted hurried surgeries making mistakes that left women significantly... Read More
About the research The Centre has been commissioned by the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust to conduct research on the new public health structures which have been put in place in England since it was announced Public Health England was to be abolished in 2020. As the current pandemic has shown an effective, well organised accountable public health system is not only key to controlling the spread of a disease – permitting the wider... Read More
For the past two decades the vast majority of social care services paid for by the state (care homes, home care and other support services) are provided by the private sector in England.  As a result there is a substantial evidence base of the effects of the marketisation of social care services on the quality of care which is provided to older people and other people with disabilities.  The way in which the market in social care... Read More