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Mapping joint venture businesses in private healthcare

Reports | January 21, 2022

This analysis maps the network of joint venture businesses between NHS medical consultants and private healthcare companies.

For Whose Benefit? NHS England’s contract with the private hospital sector in the first year of the pandemic

Featured, Reports | October 7, 2021

This report analyses the government’s use of the private hospital sector to alleviate the burden on the NHS during the first year of the COVID pandemic.

Plugging the leaks in the UK care home industry – Strategies for resolving the financial crisis in the residential and nursing home sector

Featured, Reports | November 7, 2019

This report identifies where each pound that goes into the care home industry ends up by using a forensic study of the accounts of over 830 adult care home companies. If finds significant levels of leakage of money from front-line care, including to profit, rental bills and debt repayments.

CHPI evidence to the inquiry into Ian Paterson

Briefings, Featured | August 14, 2019

Today the Centre for Health and the Public Interest publishes its evidence to the Inquiry into the actions of the convicted Breast Surgeon Ian Paterson.

Pounds for Patients? How the private hospital sector uses financial incentives to win the business of medical consultants

Featured, Reports | June 30, 2019

This report looks into how the private hospital sector uses financial incentives to attract NHS consultants to work for them.

CHPI blog

Smoke and Mirrors: NHS England’s ‘totally transparent’ multi-billion pound deal with the private hospital industry

| January 17, 2022

Despite promises to the contrary, NHS England still hasn’t even attempted to be transparent about its last round of contracts with the private sector.

“Living with the virus”—let’s not forget government accountability amid narratives of personal responsibility

| August 19, 2021

Positioning the next stage of the pandemic as a matter of “learning to live with” covid-19 suits those who do not want to be held accountable for what has happened

Private hospitals have no doctors

| June 1, 2021

The idea that the private sector is helping the NHS to deal with the aftermath of the COVID pandemic is a myth.

Conflicts of interest in the post Lansley NHS—from a regulated to an unregulated healthcare market?

| May 28, 2021

David Rowland questions the common perception that the latest Government’s proposals for NHS reform represent a turn away from private sector involvement in the NHS and the market-based orthodoxy in health policy.

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