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    The purpose of the Centre is to disseminate research to policy makers, health experts, the media and the wider public. Our research comes from a strong network of expert contributors.
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    The Five Year Forward View: do the numbers add up?
    Can we afford to close any more A&E departments? Evidence from North West London.
    The Sustainability and Transformation Plans: a critical assessment
    The failure of privatised adult social care in England: what is to be done?
    ‘Transforming Services Together’: what does East London’s plan for health services imply for East Londoners?
    Submission to the House of Lords Select Committee on the long-term sustainability of the NHS
    Who cares about the rising number of suicides by mental health patients?
    Sustainability and Transformations Fund – why it is not enough and what are its implications for the provider sector?
    Can Simon Stevens’ Sustainability and Transformation Plans save the NHS?
    How safe are NHS patients in private hospitals: learning from the Care Quality Commission
    The contracting NHS - can the NHS handle the outsourcing of clinical services?
    The return of PFI - will the NHS pay a higher price for new hospitals?
    Patient safety in private hospitals - the known and the unknown risks
    What market-based patient choice can’t do for the NHS: The theory and evidence of how choice works in health care
    At what cost? Paying the price for the market in the English NHS
    A reorganisation you can see from space: The architecture of power in the new NHS
    Getting behind the Curve? Is the new NHS ready for Pandemic Flu?
    Mental illness and its treatment today
    The future of the NHS? lessons from the market in social care in England
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    Guddi Singh

    The impact of poverty on the health of our children

    Guddi Singh, May 23rd, 2017

    A new report suggests that by 2020 5 million children in the UK will be living in poverty. Paediatrician Guddi Singh explains the devastating impact this will have on these children's health and calls on the Government to act.

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