Our People

CHPI is not affiliated to any political party and produces independent, evidence-based research.

The Centre now employs two members of paid staff, who produce policy reports and research-based analyses in collaboration with a network of expert contributors.


David Rowland


David Rowland was appointed as CHPI’s first Director in 2019 after over a decade of working in senior policy positions within the healthcare regulatory sector.

He has played a key role within healthcare professional regulation as the Head of Policy at 3 national regulators (The General Social Care Council, The General Dental Council and The General Optical Council) and has developed significant expertise in social care policy, NHS workforce issues, regulation, safeguarding, whistleblowing and EU health policy.

He has also been involved in the development of the CHPI since its inception in 2011, committing significant amounts of his spare time to building the Centre and working with its Executive Management Team to develop a research strategy, build the Centre’s profile in the media and in Parliament, and raise funds.

Prior to working in healthcare regulation David was a research fellow at the School of Public Policy, University College London where he undertook research on the Private Finance Initiative and social care markets with Professor Allyson Pollock and Professor Colin Leys. He also worked with Professor Scott Greer on a series of Nuffield Trust funded projects which examined EU health policy, the management of the NHS and Communicable Disease Control administration.

He has used his academic expertise as well as his experience of developing national policy on healthcare regulation to add to the Centre’s research output and has been responsible with Colin Leys for leading the Centre’s work on patient safety in private hospitals and with Vivek Kotecha on the Private Finance Initiative.

Download a full CV [PDF]

Sid Ryan


Sid Ryan is a health policy researcher and journalist with a specialism in information law.

Sid holds a degree in biochemistry and pharmacology from Bristol University, and an MA in investigative journalism from City University. He has worked for journalism and research organisations such as Request Initiative, the Centre for Investigative Journalism and the local news group The Bristol Cable.

Part of his investigative journalism has focused on the Private Finance Initiative, and how that impacts the finances, capacity and public accountability of the NHS.

He is also a specialist in information law. In addition to working in information governance teams within local authorities and the NHS he has also made over a dozen successful appeals under the Freedom of Information Act to the to the Information Commissioner and represented himself at four cases before the Information Rights Tribunal. He has put this specialist knowledge and experience to good use by teaching information law and has worked on a number of NHS campaigns.

He can be reached at [email protected].

Board of Trustees

Professor Colin Leys


Colin is an emeritus professor at Queen’s University, Canada, and an honorary research professor at Goldsmiths, University of London. He is the author or co-author of twenty books and since 2000 has written extensively on health policy and is co-author with Stewart Player of Confuse and Conceal: the NHS and Independent Sector Treatment Centres. His most recent article is ‘The English NHS:  from market failure to trust, professionalism and democracy’, in Critical Times: Soundings 64, Winter 2016.

Dr David McCoy


David is Professor of Global Public Health at Queen Mary University London. He previously spent ten years working in South Africa, first as a clinician and then as a health systems policy and strengthening specialist. He is a fellow of the Faculty of Public Health and a former Director of Public Health within London.

Dr Guddi SinghDr Guddi Singh

Guddi is a Paediatrician at the The Whittington Hospital in London. She has a Masters degree in Public Health from Harvard University and has worked for the World Health Organization.

Dr Jonathon TomlinsonDr Jonathon Tomlinson

Jonathon Tomlinson is a full-time GP in Hackney, East London. He is a GP trainer and undergraduate tutor with special interests in ‘Poverty Medicine’, shame, trauma and education. He writes a blog about the relationships between doctors, patients and health policy at abetternhs.net

Sue CharterisSue Charteris

Sue Charteris is a leadership coach to charity leaders and social entrepreneurs. An experienced public service leader and charity non- executive, Sue is also a Trustee of the Syrian Refugee Relief Fund . Formerly Vice- Chair of UnLtd, the Foundation for Social Entrepreneurs and co- founding director of the Shared Intelligence consultancy, Sue has particular interests in addressing health inequalities in primary care and giving voice to people with learning disabilities.

Lois RogersLois Rogers

Lois is an award-winning international journalist and communications advisor specialising in healthcare, life sciences and public policy. She was previously health and social affairs editor of The Sunday Times in London and has been a freelance contributor to newspapers, magazines, scientific journals, think tanks and public sector bodies in Britain and abroad. Her specialism is the art of translating complex scientific or policy information into attention-grabbing messaging that are readily understood and adapted with specific audiences in mind.

Former Trustees include: Professor Sue Richards, Keir Wright-Whyte, Dr Sally Ruane, Professor Marianna Fotaki, and Dr John Owens.

Contributor network

A network of expert contributors have produced work for CHPI, including:
Andrew Azorsky, Arianne Shahvisi, Ben Kasstan, Professor Calum Paton, Professor Danny Dorling, Dominic Harrison, Dr Aislinn Macklin-Doherty, Dr Aseem Malhotra, Dr Carine Vassy, Dr Catherine Needham, Dr David Bell, Dr Gurjinder Singh Sandhu, Dr Hilary Pickles, Dr Jacky Davis, Dr Jenny Vaughan, Dr Jock Mackenzie, Dr Jonathan Sleath, Dr Lorcan Sheppard, Dr Mark Hellowell, Dr Martin Tunley, Dr Nadia Masood, Professor Nicholas Ryder, Dr Roger Kline, Dr Sarah Walpole, Dr Teodor Mladenov, Dr Thomas Mills, Elizabeth Cotton, Holly Jarman, Professor Ian Greener, Jens Foell, Jonathan Kennedy, Justine Schneider, Dr Kat Smith, Prof Kate Kenny, Dr Kaveri Qureshi, Laurence Vick, Lucinda Hiam, Dr Martin Blanchard, Martin Young, Michal Shimonovich, Miles Little, Nasar Meer, Professor David J Hunter, Professor John Mohan, Professor Mark Button, Rebecca Ashley.