Elizabeth Feltoe

For those interested in historical cases of malpractice and medical scandal, here is the archived report of Jean Ritchie, QC, after his investigation into the gynaecologist Rodney Ledward. Mr Ledward was a surgeon whose clinical practice was known to be dangerous, he often operated unnecessarily on women, ignored complaints, belittled and ridiculed patients, conducted hurried surgeries making mistakes that left women significantly... Read More
The Centre for Health and the Public Interest (CHPI) (www.chpi.org.uk) is the only independent, non-party think tank promoting a vision of health and social care based on accountability and the public interest in the UK. Founded in 2011, with a shoe-string budget and volunteer staff, we have since become a respected and authoritative think-tank and recently secured substantial funding from the Economic and Social Research Council... Read More
“Professional Standards Authority issues important patient safety warning about the growth of for-profit healthcare in the UK” David Rowland Director of CHPI   The Professional Standards Authority (PSA) – the statutory body which oversees healthcare professional regulation in the UK – has issued warnings about potential patient safety risks from the growth in for-profit healthcare in the UK, which it says regulators... Read More