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Our recent work on PFI and private hospitals has had a major impact and we have started to change how politicians think about markets in healthcare.

Although the donations we have received to date have allowed us to employ one researcher, most of this work has been done for free by a team of volunteers.

This is not sustainable. Unless we receive more funds through individual donations we won’t be able to continue.

In the future we want to look in detail at: the mass sell-off of NHS land; conflicts of interest between the NHS and the private sector; and the money which leaks out of the Social Care market in the form of profits and debt.

To maintain our independence, we won’t take money from government or big business for this work. But if 1000 people could contribute £100 a year, this would give us the funds we need.

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Compared to other health think tanks – who do receive money from big business and government – we operate on a fraction of their budgets.

Supporting CHPI helps to reset the balance.

Reports & analyses

P.F.I. Profiting from Inflation?

Featured, Reports, Analyses & Briefings | October 4, 2023

New report shows the significant impact of inflation on NHS Trusts with PFI schemes, with large profits and dividend payments continuing to be made by PFI companies.

After the pandemic: is the new public health system in England fit for purpose?

Featured, Reports | June 12, 2023

This report presents the views of England’s Directors of Public Health on the latest reforms to public health.

Bailed out and burned out? The financial impact of COVID-19 on UK care homes for older people and their workforce 

Reports, Reports, Analyses & Briefings | April 13, 2023

A two year study examining the financial impacts of the pandemic on UK care homes for older people and their staff.

The Devil is in the Detail – NHS England’s Contracts with the Private Hospital Sector during COVID

Reports | March 7, 2023

This report analyses the contractual mechanisms of NHSE’s £2bn+ deal with the private hospital sector during COVID, building on our 2021 report ‘For Whose Benefit’ using newly obtained activity data and the contracts themselves.

Is a two-tier healthcare system inevitable in the UK?

Analyses, Featured | January 4, 2023

David Rowland considers the contingent role of government policy.

CHPI blog

How private finance is crippling health and social care

| November 7, 2023

Private Finance Initiative (PFI) costs continue to grow in the NHS, even as other healthcare budgets are stretched further and profits extracted.

Paying for Healthcare on the “Never, Never” in the UK – how has it come to this?

| August 21, 2023

At the heart of the social contract underpinning the NHS is that healthcare in the UK should be provided on the basis of need rather than ability to pay.

The crisis in general practice: Continuity of care vs ‘transactional’ care

| June 16, 2023

This post is the third of a three-part on the state of primary care, focusing on the type of care GP’s provide.

The Crisis in Primary Care: The GP Shortage

| May 26, 2023

The second of a three part series on the State of Primary Care

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