An independent non-party think tank aiming to set out a vision of health and social care policy based on accountability and the public interest.

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    The purpose of the Centre is to disseminate research to policy makers, health experts and the media and inform the public, setting out a view of health and social care policy in the UK in keeping with the founding principles of the NHS.

    Our long term objective is to re-frame the policy debate on health and social care so that it is consistent with the public interest and to ensure that the debate on health and social care policy is more varied, more evidence-based and more open and accessible to citizens.

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    "What market-based patient choice can’t do for the NHS:
    The theory and evidence of how choice works in health care", an analysis by Marianna Fotaki.

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    " At what cost? Paying the price for the market in the English NHS", an analysis by Calum Paton.

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    "A reorganisation you can see from space: The architecture of power in the new NHS", an analysis by Scott L. Greer, Holly Jarman and Andrew Azorsky.

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    "Getting behind the Curve? Is the new NHS ready for Pandemic Flu?", a report by Dr Hilary Pickles and David Rowland.

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    'Mental illness and its treatment today', an analysis by Dr David Bell.

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    'The future of the NHS? lessons from the market in social care in England'  a report by CHPI

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    'The Boundaries of Budgets', an analysis by Dr Catherine Needham.

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    'To market! To market!', an opinion piece by Professor David J Hunter.

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    'Competition and Collaboration in the NHS', an analysis by Professor Bob Hudson.

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    'Healthcare Fraud in the new NHS market - a threat to patient care', a policy report by Professor Mark Button and Colin Leys.

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    The NHS in Wales: a report from the death zone

    Dr Julian Tudor Hart, July 14th, 2014

    The Future of Primary Care

    Jonathon Tomlinson, June 16th, 2014
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    Jonathon Tomlinson

    Transforming the culture of healthcare: sick doctors and the GMC

    Jonathon Tomlinson, July 28th, 2014

    Dr Jonathon Tomlinson critiques recent reports on the role of the General Medical Council

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